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Press Release – RI Witness

Press Release – RI Witness

Giving Confidence

Boca Fertility is the first IVF center in Florida to use a groundbreaking system to protect and secure the identification of patient’s embryos and sperm. This new system will provide an added layer of safety and give patients peace of mind.

State of the Art Technology

Boca Fertility has installed RI Witness™ – a system which uses radio frequency ID technology to help ensure that samples used during the IVF process are accurately used for each patient. At the beginning of an IVF cycle, the patient receives an ID card. This card is then placed in readers located in the IVF laboratory registering the ID of their samples. Radio frequency tags are attached to all dishes and tubes in which samples are stored. RI Witness constantly monitors the samples’ ID as they are transferred from one tube to another. Alarms sound if samples from different patients are brought into the same work area in the laboratory, stopping any procedure and any potential mistake.

Taking Security to the Next Level

Dr. Moshe Peress, Medical Director, and Dr. Michael Matilsky, IVF Laboratory Director of Boca Fertility, said “In the past we carried out double witnessing manually, which was effective, but this new system will make it even more efficient and help avoid any potential problems that have occurred in other hospitals and clinics.”

“The electronic witnessing system offers increased confidence that patient samples are properly verified and will not be mixed up during treatment. RI Witness™ takes security to the next level giving patients every confidence that it is their samples we are using. Utilizing RI Witness means that patients can go home with absolute certainty that their sperm, eggs and embryos are properly identified and only used for them.”

RI Witness embryo identification security system

For more information about Boca Fertility contact us: Phone: (561) 368-5500

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IVF (In vitro Fertilization) center offering State of the Art fertility treatments since 1982


A pioneering and successful fertility center since 1982, Boca Fertility was the first IVF center in Palm Beach County to accomplish a successful pregnancy and delivery of a baby conceived through IVF. Countless numbers of infertile couples are now parents thanks to the care they received at Boca Fertility.


Our IVF program consistently achieves high success rates (SART Clinic Summary Report -, utilizing state of the art techniques such as IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), egg and embryo freezing, gestational surrogacy and donor egg IVF.

Personalized Care

Boca Fertility is physician-owned, so you can expect to receive unparalleled individualized and compassionate care. You will be cared for by only one doctor, and you will find our staff to be truly supportive. You will be pleased by the relaxed atmosphere and the very personal attention you receive at Boca Fertility.

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