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Dr. Peress goes beyond

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Dr. Peress goes beyond

What brought me to Boca Fertility? I am New York born and raised and other than three years fellowship training and working as Assistant Professor in Norfolk, Virginia I have not lived more than 50 miles from my birthplace. In 1988, I started the first successful IVF program on Long Island, Long Island IVF. My colleagues and I successfully created thousands of families over the years bringing us tremendous gratification few others can claim with their careers. In December, after 36 years in IVF I retired.

This past March, I met Dr. Moshe Peress and was introduced to Boca Fertility. I have seen dozens of programs from all over the country but have never been so impressed as I have with this boutique IVF center known as Boca Fertility. The beautiful flowered gardens with ponds outside the office sets the mood as does the welcoming waiting room with fresh décor including a virtual fish tank, spa music and smiling faces at the reception desk. Patients are treated to a tea presentation at their first appointment and leave with a rose. Boca Fertility has truly produced a family like atmosphere where patients become attached to the staff who support them through disappointments and share their joy at their successes.

As a physician I am most impressed with the high level of medical care and pregnancy rates. Care is individualized and optimized for each patient. Patients with diminished ovarian reserve with few eggs get pregnant at rates much higher than the national average. Dr. Peress aspirates each follicle no matter how difficult to get to. He will flush until he gets that egg; not just once or twice but sometimes even a third time if necessary. Physicians rarely go beyond what is normally expected to the extent that I see with Dr. Peress and Boca Fertility. So why did I come to Boca Fertility? It is the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a fertility practice that does everything humanly possible to assist patients to become parents.

Thank you,
David Kreiner, M.D.
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