Fertility Insurance & Benefits at Boca Fertility

Understanding coverage options for your fertility journey

Fertility insurance plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and couples on their journey to parenthood. Insurance offerings encompass a range of medical services and offer financial assistance that may cover some of the costs associated with fertility treatments and related procedures. It’s important to discuss your fertility coverage options with your insurance provider to determine the potential investment involved in your treatment plan

Fertility insurance considerations

Coverage variability

Fertility coverage varies widely among insurance plans. Some plans offer comprehensive coverage, while others may cover only specific procedures or medications.

Employer policies

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans may or may not include fertility coverage. It’s important to review your plan’s benefits and discuss options with your HR department.

Geographical differences

Coverage requirements and regulations related to fertility benefits vary by state and country. Our patient experience specialists will be able to provide additional insight on coverage regulations specific to Florida.

What if I don’t have fertility insurance?

We understand that minimizing the expenses of building your family is an important aspect of your fertility journey. If you do not currently carry fertility insurance coverage, there are various alternatives to consider.

Financing Options

We offer various fertility loan and financing options through our partners at CapexMD and Lending Club. Explore and learn more about your options for Fertility Financing.

FSAs and HSAs

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are accounts that allow you to set aside pre-tax funds for medical expenses, including fertility treatments.

Third-Party Programs

Some employers partner with third-party programs to offer fertility benefits, even if they are not included in the standard health insurance plan.

FAQs about fertility insurance

  • What is your billing policy?

    Boca Fertility will bill your insurance for covered charges incurred in our office. Your deductible and copayment are due at the time of your visit. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Patients paying cash should note that we do not keep change in our office.

  • How can I verify my insurance benefits?

    Boca Fertility verifies your insurance benefits with your insurance company prior to your appointment. Please be advised that it is only an estimation of benefits. It is not guaranteed by the insurance company and is subject to change by your insurance’s approval. You will be responsible for all charges not paid by your insurance company. We will do everything in our power to appeal an unpaid charge, however you are responsible for payment for your services rendered.

  • How do I know which services are covered?

    Some services provided by our office may be non-covered. If we have been informed that the service is not covered you will be responsible for payment in full at the time of the visit. Otherwise, we will file the claim and bill you if it is denied. Many insurance policies do not cover infertility; therefore, your expenses at our clinic may or may not be covered. Check with your insurance provider for more detail on your policy’s inclusions and coverage options.

  • What happens if my coverage expires or I change plans?

    If your insurance coverage is terminated or you switch policies, it is your responsibility to let us know prior to receiving further services.

  • My insurance company is asking for a copy of my records. Can you help?

    It is possible at some point your insurance company may request a copy of your records to determine if your treatment is for a non-covered or pre-existing condition. Unfortunately, this is a matter we have no control over. We cannot withhold or alter records.

  • Are fertility surgeries and procedures covered?

    For surgery, ovulation induction therapy, and in vitro fertilization, we will bill your insurance; subject to verification of coverage and pre-payment of your expected out-of-pocket expenses. You will be billed for all charges not paid by your insurance.