Donation & Gestational Carriers at Boca Fertility

Egg Donation / Donor Egg IVF

Egg donation involves using eggs from a donor to be fertilized with sperm and creating embryos. These embryos are then transferred to the intended parent’s uterus. Egg donation is an option for individuals with diminished ovarian reserve, genetic disorders, or other medical conditions affecting egg quality.

Sperm Donation / Donor Sperm IUI

Sperm donation provides the opportunity for individuals or couples to conceive using donated sperm. This is often chosen by single parents, same-sex couples, or those with male infertility issues.

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation involves using embryos donated by individuals or couples who have completed their fertility treatments. The embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus, allowing them to experience pregnancy and childbirth.

Gestational Carriers

Gestational carrying involves an embryo created through IVF using the intended parent’s or donor’s egg and sperm. The resulting embryo is then implanted into the carrier’s uterus. The woman carries the pregnancy but is not genetically related to the child.