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About Boca Fertility

Purpose & Mission Statement

  • Purpose: To help create families.
  • Mission: To offer the highest quality of fertility treatment and patient care.
  • Vision: That every patient is in good hands at Boca Fertility.

Boca Fertility, established in 1982, was the first clinic in Palm Beach County to offer In Vitro Fertilization. Boca Fertility achieved its first IVF birth in 1988 and has since consistently achieved top success rates. Choosing an IVF program is an important medical decision. And you could not make a better choice than Boca Fertility. Here, you have the best of all worlds; expertise, quick entry, individual attention, low fees, and, most importantly, top success rates!

Our medical director, Moshe R. Peress, M.D. is highly trained in infertility and reproductive endocrinology with over twenty years experience in this specialized field. Doctor Peress has performed numerous minimally invasive laparoscopic operations including laparoscopic myomectomies, CO2 laser treatment of endometriosis. He is also certified in computer-assisted robotic laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Peress is now performing Advanced Computer Assisted Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery for the treatment of uterine fibroids and outpatient microsurgery for reversal of tubal ligation.
Dr. Michael B. Matilsky, Ph.D., H.C.L.D, our laboratory director, has more than 19 years of clinical IVF experience and under his supervision our IVF laboratory attained accreditation with distinction from the College of American Pathologists. All of our personnel – from our nurses to the insurance staff – specialize in infertility. Their expertise benefits you in every aspect of the treatment!
You will be pleased by the relaxed “private practice” atmosphere and the very personalized attention you receive at Boca Fertility. You will be cared for by only one doctor, and you will find our staff to be truly supportive.
We have made every effort to keep our fees low, so that IVF can be affordable to everyone who needs it. We participate with numerous insurance plans, you may use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover card, and special financing can even be arranged.
What matters the most is … what it is your chance of having a baby? Our excellent success rates speak for themselves. Feel free to view our current statistics.
Patients Testimonials

  “I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Peress. He is very knowledgable, kind and compassionate. He made our dreams come true…”
  “I would completely recommend Dr. Peress and his staff especially Amy the head nurse. I was debating which surgical procedure to have and he was extremely patient, thorough and informative…”

Boca Fertility’s Visitors Program
We welcome patients from out-of-town and abroad and we will work with you to make the coordination as easy as possible. Many of your pre-IVF tests can be completed right in your hometown requiring only that you make a brief visit to Boca Raton prior to scheduling your IVF cycle.
Doctor Moshe Peress
Michael Matilsky, PH.D., H.C.L.D.
Boca Fertility Lab
Boca Fertility Lab
Single Sperm
Single Sperm
Boca Fertility Entire Team

Boca Fertility Team

IVF (In vitro Fertilization) center offering State of the Art fertility treatments since 1982


A pioneering and successful fertility center since 1982, Boca Fertility was the first IVF center in Palm Beach County to accomplish a successful pregnancy and delivery of a baby conceived through IVF. Countless numbers of infertile couples are now parents thanks to the care they received at Boca Fertility.


Our IVF program consistently achieves high success rates (SART Clinic Summary Report -, utilizing state of the art techniques such as IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), egg and embryo freezing, gestational surrogacy and donor egg IVF.

Personalized Care

Boca Fertility is physician-owned, so you can expect to receive unparalleled individualized and compassionate care. You will be cared for by only one doctor, and you will find our staff to be truly supportive. You will be pleased by the relaxed atmosphere and the very personal attention you receive at Boca Fertility.

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