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Tuberculosis Bronchitis Cystic Fibrosis Rheumatic Fever
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Sexual History

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Have you ever produced a child with another partner?
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Do you have trouble getting an erection?
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Do you ever have orgasms without ejaculation during masturbation?
Do you have any discharge from the penis?
How many times per week do you and your partner now have intercourse?
How many times do you have intercourse around ovulation?
Have you ever noticed a change in your sexual drive recently?
Is there a family history of infertility?
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Is there a history of hormonal disorders in your family?
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History of Fertility Therapy

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What cause of infertility was diagnosed?

What drugs have you taken for infertility? Check all that apply:

HCG HMG Urofollitropin or FSH Bromocriptine
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Have you ever had vasectomy reversal or repair?
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Have you or your partner ever received treatment with artificial insemination?
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Which of the following tests have you had performed? Check all that apply:

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Chlamydia Test When? and Results:
Mycoplasma Test When? and Results:
Antibody Test When? and Results:
Chromosome Test When? and Results:
Testicular Biopsy When? and Results:
X-Ray or Ultrasound Test When? and Results:
Hormonal Tests When? and Results:
Thyroid Test When? and Results:
Other (Hormonal Tests: FSH, LH, Prolactin, Testosterone) When? and Results:
If your partner is seeing a doctor for evaluation of infertility, specify physician name and location:
Does your doctor feel that your partner has an infertility problem?
If yes, what is the diagnosis and how is she being treated?
Has she ever produced a child with another partner?


Fee Policies for Patients

Boca Fertility will bill your insurance for coverage charges incurred in our office. Your deductible and co-payment are due at the time of your visit.

Some services provided by our office may be non-covered. If we have been informed that the services is not covered, you will be responsible for payment in full at the time of the visit. Otherwise, we will file a claim and bill you if its denied. You will be held responsible for any charges not paid by the insurance company, regardless of the reason. Payment is due in full by the 30th of the month in which statement is sent. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. We also offer our patients the option of applying for credit with a medical finance company. If you will be paying cash, please note that we do not keep change in our office. (If you do not have the exact amount, we can credit your account for the overpayment or mail you a check.)

A $30 charge is applied to any check returned by the bank. Past due accounts are assessed a 1% monthly late charge. Accounts sent to an outside collection agency are responsible for all legal fees and collection costs. If your insurance coverage is terminated or if you switch policies, it's your responsibility to let us know this prior to undergoing further services. It is possible that at some point your insurance company may request a copy of your file in order to determine whether your treatment is for a non-covered or pre-existing condition. This is a matter over which we have no control; we cannot withhold or alter records. There is a nominal handling fee for making those copies. The medical personnel in our office, including Dr. Peress, are devoted exclusively to your medical care. Please direct all matters relating to fees, billing, and insurance only to the business office. I understand and agree to all of the above. I hereby authorize the release of medical information to my insurance company and authorize payment of medical benefits to Dr. Peress and/or Boca Fertility.

Payment is due at the time of service. If you wish to know the fee for any service in advance of scheduling, please feel free to ask the receptionist. By typing your initial in the box below you agree to accept the terms of our fees policies.


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