Challenges in one of these four areas

  •  Sperm: low count, motility or shape.
  •  Eggs: Ovulation problem or poor egg quality.
  •  Uterus: Fibroids, polyps or abnormal shape
  •  Tubes: blocked or abnormal function

3 simple tests:

  •  Semen analysis
  •  HSG (tubal x-rays
  •  Ultrasound and blood tests

There are different options:

  •  Ovulation induction (OI) with Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  •  IVF
  •  With or without ICSI
  •  With or without embryo biopsy
  •  3rd party reproduction
  •  Donor egg IVF
  •  Donor Sperm
  •  Gestational surrogacy

There are different chances:

  • OI/IUI - average is 15% per cycle.
  • IVF
    •  under age 35: 50-60%
    •  Over age 35: depends on age of the woman.

There are different costs (not including medications):

  •  OI/IUI: Please call for pricing
  •  IVF: Please call for pricing
  •  IVF with embryo biopsy: Please call for pricing